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Codegenix Technologies has been creating innovative games since 2003. We offer our clients professional development services.


Ludo Game Development

Codegenix Technologies is a leading Ludo game development company in India. Ludo Game is a multiplayer board game that can be played between 2, 3 or 4 players. Ludo is a very popular board game in the Indian subcontinent. We all have played Ludo in our childhood and had fun with our friends and family.

Relive your childhood memories again in an all new and online Ludo Game. Ludo Game have never before seen Ludo game variations which can be played from the comfort of your mobile phones.


Cricket Game Development

Codegenix Technologies is a leading Cricket Game app development Company based in New Delhi, India. Mobile apps is an expensive and time consuming process. It becomes more complex when the process is taken by inexperienced people.

The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which can be either sets or runs and either be first to go out or to amass more points than the opposition.